Mediation is suitable for all conflicts in which parties want to reach an agreement and prevent lengthy and costly legal proceedings.  The mediator helps you with that. The mediator is neutral and creates room for parties to hear each other and to negotiate.  The mediator will record the agreement in a binding agreement.

Divorce: mr Froana Hoff is a member of the Association for Divorce lawyers and mediators (VFAS). For more information regarding the mediators from the VFAS press the link VERDERONLINE. On this website you can find a tool for your divorce through mediation.  The advantage of a lawyer mediator is that she is aware of all the laws and regulations that apply to a divorce. The lawyer mediator must inform you about these legalities, so you know which arrangements are to be made, and will make sure your agreement stays within the legal boundaries. The advantage of a lawyer mediator is that she can also draft the divorce petition and enter it into court, so that you can arrange everything ith one person.

Other conflicts: other conflicts can also be suitable for mediation.  If you want to, or have to as parents do, maintain the relationship it is always worth it to first try mediation. Outside the familial relationship mediation could be the solution to a conflict for example within a management team, or the employer-employee relationship.